Michael and the Being of Eurythmy – A Christmas Imagination

The Anthroposophical Society in America is pleased to collaborate with the Kolisko Institute in offering a free webinar in December

Michael and the Being of Eurythmy – A Christmas Imagination

Wednesday, December 9, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. EST

with presenter Ross Rentea, MD

Rudolf Steiner considered eurythmy to be one of the core principles of anthroposophy, and anticipated that along with meditation, it would become an intimate part of one’s daily life.

Since anthroposophy is so closely connected with Michael, a key question becomes – what is the connection of Michael with eurythmy?

In this webinar, Ross will share his thoughts and insights with the hope to intensify – or rekindle – our understanding and appreciation for this special movement activity given to help us connect with the spiritual world and support our efforts in becoming truly human.

The webinar is free, and donations to support these collaborative efforts will be gratefully accepted! To make a donation, please visit www.koliskoinstitute.org and click on the donate button. All donations are tax deductible and will be shared between the Anthroposophical Society and the Kolisko Institute.

Thank you!

Marian Leon
Director of Programs
Anthroposophical Society in America

The Bay Area Eurythmy Ensemble presents:

The Tale of the Golden Fish

 The Tale of the Golden Fish
November 7-13, 2015

Open Dress Rehearsal
Saturday, Nov. 7th, 3pm
3800 Clark Rd, El Sobrante

Camphill Communities California
Sunday, Nov. 8th, 4pm
3920 Fairway Dr, Soquel

Waldorf School of the Peninsula
Monday, Nov. 9th, 11:10am & 2pm
11311 Mora Dr, Los Altos
Rengstorff Community Center
201 S Rengstorff Ave, Mountain View

Marin Waldorf School
Tuesday, Nov. 10th, 9:30am
1755 Idylberry Rd, San Rafael

San Francisco Waldorf School
Wednesday, Nov. 11th, 12 noon
2938 Washington St, San Francisco

Sacramento Waldorf School
Thursday, Nov. 12th, 10:45am & 1:15pm
3750 Bannister Rd. Fair Oaks

East Bay Waldorf School
Friday, Nov. 13th, 9:30am
3800 Clark Rd, El Sobrante

Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training
Friday, Nov. 13th, 7:30pm
3800 Clark Rd, El Sobrante

Eurythmists: Michaela Bergmann, Ruth Bucklin, Isabella Guardia, Jazmin Hicks, Monika Leitz    Speaker: Fritz Brun    Piano: Cindy Chung

These performances are made possible by the Eurythmy Association of North America, Local Waldorf Schools and Teacher Trainings

Flyer: The Tale of the Golden Fish