Weekend Eurythmy Workshop in Kingston, ON

Soulful by Design, presents…
Dynamic Name™ Mandala:
Exploring Relationships through Harmonious Movement

A weekend eurythmy retreat with Soulful Wizardess Marta Stemberger
When: October 14-16, 2016
Where: Soulful by Design retreat, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Investment: $359 CDN
Space is limited to 10 people. Register early.
Register before October 1st + save: $325 CDN
(includes shared accommodations, meals & snacks)
For more info and to register visit ssi.hamoves.net/soulful-by-design
Your name holds a key to who you are and a secret to your purpose in this lifetime. Uncover the astrology hidden in your name and its immense potential for self-inquiry, relationships, conflict resolution, and team building. Connect deeper with yourself, the spiritual world, and with each other.
Explore the dynamics of relating through harmonious movement art of eurythmy. Discover how to untangle conflicts into awareness and understanding. Transform the flow of energy into conscious kinesthetic perception in the body, a valuable tool for harmonious relationships.

Move your song, feel your Soul. Dance your name, know thyself.

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