Welcome to the Eurythmy Association of North America! The Eurythmy Association of North America is a voluntary association of Eurythmists on the North American Continent. It fosters Eurythmy, an art of movement initiated and developed by Rudolf Steiner, and the work of Eurythmists.

The members of the Association recognize that the art of Eurythmy is connected with and responsive to the Section for Eurythmy, Speech and Drama of the School of Spiritual Science whose center is the Goetheanum, Dornach,Switzerland.

The Association is an interest group of the Anthroposophical Society in America.

As a movement art, eurythmy brings the essence of music and language to visible manifestation. We not only hear the words and  music but they become visible to our eyes. Through deliberate, sculptured gestures sounds take physical form. Eurythmy is not interpretive of music and poetry. It is a true sounding or singing through the body as an instrument.

Eurythmy, a relatively young art form, was developed in 1912. Today, it is performed worldwide by professional eurythmists who have completed a five year program at one of over twenty schools.

Eurythmy takes it start from the view that all art is the revelation of concealed laws of nature. The experience of the inmost soul is brought forth and unfolds before us in motion, gesture, color and space.