Eurythmy Performance at Carnegie Hall

Gabrielle Armenier Eurythmy Agency Presents

Lee-Chin Siow Violin
Svetlana Smolina Piano
Gabrielle Armenier Eurythmy
February 8th, 2017 – 8 PM

Featuring a U.S. Premiere and a New York City Premiere, East touches West in this exciting new program which explores the gestural qualities of French and Chinese music through the movement art of eurythmy, the artistry of Singaporean violinist Lee-Chin Siow, Russian pianist Svetlana Smolina and French eurythmist Gabrielle Armenier.

With the concept of polarities of touch as meeting ground, Franck’s Violin Sonata will speak to the romanticism of the Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto, while Ravel’s Tzigane encounters its counterpart in Singaporean composer Kam Kee Yong’s Kuang Xiang Qu, affectionately nicknamed the ‘Chinese Tzigane’.

Silent Eurythmy Introduction
FRANCK Violin Sonata
BIZET HOROWITZ Carmen Variations
RAVEL Tzigane
YAO CHEN Air  –  New York City Premiere
A solo work written for violinist Lee-Chin Siow
CHEN GANG/HE ZHANHAO The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto
KAM KEE YONG Kuang Xiang Qu – “Chinese Rhapsody” – U.S. Premiere

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