Eurythmeum Stuttgart

In cooperation with the Free University of Stuttgart, Eurythmeum Stuttgart offers the following internationally accredited university degree programs:

1. Bachelor’s degree program in educational eurythmy with basic qualifications
Four years, artistic undergraduate degree

Degree: Bachelor of Arts, eurythmy
(in accreditation)

2. Master’s degree program, Pedagogical Eurythmy
Annual, anabolic studies
Degree: Master of Arts, Pedagogical Eurythmy
(in accreditation)
As a center for eurythmy training and the performing arts, Eurythmeum Stuttgart offers suitable graduates a reason eurythmy training at a training stage:

3. Certificate-training stage eurythmists

The four-year undergraduate “Eurythmy with basic educational qualifications” leading to the professional degree of Bachelor of Arts, eurythmy, “which qualifies graduates to teach in both the adult education eurythmy, as well as artistic work. For further professional qualifications, there are specialized training opportunities.


Eurythmeum Stuttgart
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