Theater Eurythmy School

MeRz Theater:

is an ever-playing eurythmy dance cabaret theater;
is the concentration of stage and school;
is a new way of Eurythmy on the basis of over twenty years of experience;
is one of the known independent theaters of the city and has reputation, especially as fairy tales;

and children’s theater and to offer students free participation;
The training prepares you for the performing arts, as well as pedagogy.
The basic training for all aspects of eurythmy (performing arts, education, and eurythmy) requires three years. This is followed by a fourth year for a degree and professional orientation year.
Students will be introduced into a theater-going operation and to find their opportunities to participate in stage projects.
Education is integrated from the start in training. On completion of the
fourth year, is also acquired the education authority, the validity for all types of schools, kindergartens and other institutions have.
The training center is authorized to
issue Eurythmy diploma by the School of Spiritual Science in Dornach, Basel.
The study of movement are complemented with other subjects, such as, German (metrics, poetics), social studies, music (choral singing and music theory), anatomy, recitation, geometry, astronomy, painting, clay modeling.


MeRz Theater Eurythmy School Brehmstr. 10
30173 Hannover, Germany
Tel. 0511-81 56 03
Fax 0511-8487843