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The euritmieacademie is located in a stately mansion close to the center of The Hague, the green cultural city and port on the North Sea.

The Academy building has four spacious rooms with grand pianos that were specifically built and set up for eurythmy lessons and performances. There are also smaller rooms for other subjects, meetings, music students, and eurythmy practice. There is also a computer room for student use, fully equipped with PCs, Macs, and a printer. On the bottom floor is a large costume room with sewing machines, and a different floor houses the Hague’s anthroposophical library, which eurythmy students have free access to. Here you can find not only a wide collection of books on anthroposophy and eurythmy, but books on art, culture, literature, history, and pedagogy as well. A large, sunny garden full of flowers surrounds the building, and students can often be found here, both resting and chatting. A half-minute’s walk brings you into a pleasant forest criss-crossed with paths for walkers and bikers, and further on, by bike or on foot, one comes to the dunes, a nature reserve along the beach that stretches for miles and serves as a popular refuge for many. The Hague is an extremely international city, well known for being a political center, but also a mecca for dancers (the Lucent Danstheater is famous, and its performances always worth seeing) as well as Baroque musicians (the conservatory is world-renowned for its strength in early music). Not only the eurithmieacademie, but the whole city is full of international students! There are also other cultural highlights not to be missed, like concerts of the Residentie Orchester, and the various museums where extensive collections of Mondrian, Escher, Vermeer, Steen, and Rembrandt can be seen. Both in the center as well as in Scheveningen, the historical fishing village that is now a part of The Hague, one can find theaters, museums, and cafés with chairs outside on sunny days, and live music inside in the evenings.



As a eurythmist, you experience and continuously work toward creating beauty, deep spirituality, and social unity.

Through the eurythmy training, you develop new artistic and social capabilities, with which you can then bring the art form of eurythmy to life in various ways: not only as a performance art, but also as a therapy, or in teaching it in schools. Eurythmy as a unique art form consists in part of a repertoire of gestures that are different from any other dance form. Your body becomes an instrument; by allowing the artistic impulses in the music or speech to flow through your instrument, through its gestures, postures, and movement of the choreographed form, you make visible – and thus more alive, more accessible to the audience – what can otherwise only be heard.
Eurythmy can become a bridge for you, a bridge between people around you and what you experience internally. However, although self-expression belongs to the process, the end goal is rather to express the impulses already in the original piece of music or speech that you are choreographing, in order that the audience is directly touched not by you, but by the living artistic impulses themselves. The special character of eurythmy is also expressed through the silk costumes, which in their multi-colored splendour, are a feast for the eyes.

Eurythmy brings renewal and color to the world of art and culture.



With the Bachelor’s degree in Teaching Eurythmy you can work anywhere in Europe. Two subjects are the focus of study at the euritmieacademie: pedagogy and eurythmy. Just as much attention will be paid to your social capabilities as to your artistic capacity. This way, you will be well prepared to find your own way through the widely varying careers involving eurythmy. You will find that you have many opportunities to find work as a eurythmy teacher. There are over 100 Waldorf or Steiner schools worldwide that offer eurythmy as a regular subject for all of their classes, but there are also work opportunities to be found in other kinds of schools as teachers of spiritual, artistic, or movement subjects. Innovative approaches to bringing eurythmy into the public sphere have also been increasing recently; more and more companies and business are interested in the new perspective and creative impulses that eurythmy can bring to the enthusiasm of as well as the collaboration between employees. Of course there is also always the possibility of making artistic performance your career choice.

Eurythmy brings a lot into movement!


Our introductory weeks allow you to get to know the study from the inside.

* Demonstrations
* Workshops

* Studentperfomances

Introductory weeks are intended for people who want to understand eurythmy and eventually decide to follow the study for a Bachelor’s Degree in pedagogical eurythmy. During the weeks you will be able to obtain experience in eurythmy through the following:
Daily lessons in speech and tone eurythmy;
Lessons in speech formation and anthroposophy;
Discussions with teachers and students.

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