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The Eurythmeum Zuccoli is a place where, and fulfilling a mission in life strive to the future ability to generate an efficient and broad eurythmy training are men. The training is the responsibility of a college that has a long experience in the education of students and the performing arts. Currently, Frauke Graham, Ulla Hess and Ursula Heusser. Apart from Eurythmy will be the subjects of music theory (Stefan Abel) and Speech (Uwe Henken informed throughout. Guest lecturers provide regular periods: eurythmy in the workplace (Marie Anne Ehrlich, The Hague), Pedagogical Eurythmy (Claire Wyss, Basel), Hygienic eurythmy (Margrit Hitsch, Bern).

The College

Develop artistic programs, in which the students of the Fourth Year of training may be included. In public performances the work is shown to an interested audience. In each year of the training are the main areas of eurythmy and creatively work deepened. These so-called “projects” profession are key skills for future exercises. They also form the basis of the “individual’s degree equivalent to a Bachelor of Arts”.

Elena Zuccoli (1901-1996), the founder of this school was an important artist, the statements of Rudolf Steiner has further elaborated the eurythmy. Their impetus was founded in 1949 Eurythmeum still a stimulating substance.

What is eurythmy?

Eurythmy is based on a human that the three entities: the soul and spirit body covers. The body moves in three dimensions. He is steeped in the soul-breathing and guided by spiritual laws. Through eurythmy moving spirit in body, soul, and brought together in a harmonious relationship.

All exercises that are taught in basic training, arise from language and music and rhythmic processes are developed in. Our goal is to empower students, spiritual laws in themselves and in the space to make visible.

What happens in basic training?

In the basic course, students acquire a comprehensive understanding of the basic elements of eurythmy. They form a body drained out of their instrument. With the maturity degree they are able to give training courses in the adult. Education, therapy and performing arts require additional training.

How is studying?

For the students, it is essential to the process that steps to raise awareness of the individual and newly acquired skills are able to articulated. Since the training courses consists largely of movement, awareness of this process is even more important because the configuration of the human limb organization in moving into a dream-consciousness is able to put by the peripheral position. In single, concise training modules will be introduced in each area, worked through, evaluated, and presented to public audiences. There are also training projects, in which independent, creative work is developed.

What are the training projects?

The projects form the basis for the “individual Äqivalenz degree” to a “Bachelor of Arts” in collaboration with the Research Initiative practice ipf, which can lead to the master’s program at the University of Plymouth.


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