Eurythmy Spring Valley

The Community Setting

Twenty-five miles northwest of New York City, on 140 acres of land, the School of Eurythmy has its home, along with many other activities inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s work.  Among them are the Threefold Educational Foundation, Sunbridge College, Green Meadow Waldorf School, The Fellowship Community, and the Hungry Hollow Coop. The “Threefold Community” has a busy calendar that brings in people from many continents and countries to participate in courses in the arts, sciences and education. Proximity to New York City offers those studying with us an opportunity to experience some of the finest artists working in other performing arts disciplines, not to mention a resource to the visual arts provided by museums with some of the most extensive collections in the world, ancient to modern.

The Training

Dorothea Meir teaching students

Dorothea Mier

The School of Eurythmy offers a complete basic training, which can be taken on a full-time basis, recognized by the Association of Eurythmy Trainings in Dornach, Switzerland. In addition, the School offers an artistic year open to anyone interested in an intensive experience of eurythmy.  We also have a part-time option for training called our Frontier Eurythmy Course, which has structured intensive weeks throughout the year in Spring Valley, and a corresponding home curriculum under the guidance of a mentor between training sessions.  On the post-graduate level, we offer a course that focused on further artistic development for diplomaed eurythmists.

Our History

In the early 1970’s Lisa Monges, who studied in Stuttgart, Germany and Dornach, Switzerland, founded Spring Valley’s eurythmy training. For the better part of a decade the School was guided by a number of devoted teachers, both from America and Europe. Dorothea Mier became the Artistic Director of the School in 1980, developing the school until her recent retirement, when Barbara Schneider-Serio took over.  The school is now carried by a faculty circle which  includes Barbara Schneider-Serio, Christina Beck, Jennifer Kleinbach and Beth Dunn-Fox.

Just like the country we live in, the School has a character of rich diversity in its international roster of students and in the areas of focus and research within our faculty. We seek to provide a strong mixture of working deeply into the special nature and qualities of the English Language, while also becoming fully acquainted with all realms and elements of music.

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