The Speech Sound Etudes: Feeling the Gestures and Finding the Figures



At last it is time for me to bring forth what I’ve been cultivating for the past year and a half. I have been laying a totally new foundation for my re-approach to Eurythmy after having laid it aside for two and a half decades. This Report shares in detail how my work unfolded through going about to follow one of Rudolf Steiner’s earliest instructions to Lori Smits, our first Eurythmist – before he began to give her gestures – and the unexpected treasure and joy that has come through doing this.

Before studying Eurythmy, my background had been in English Literature and Music. I served as a pianist for the other classes at the Eurythmy school in Spring Valley NY during my attendance there, and I worked with third and fourth year students on their Tone Eurythmy solos and performed these pieces with them. These were wonderful experiences. My class was the ninth to graduate from the school – we were ‘I’ Course.

During my first three years out, I taught lay Speech Eurythmy; but something was lacking and I couldn’t continue. Now I know what that lack was, and my work and process are fulfilling my deeply felt need. In my Report I am beginning to share that abundantly rich blessing. This blessing is good news not only for all of us who are Eurythmists of any kind; it is good news for our fellow artists, the speakers and actors, too, and for anyone who feels enthusiasm for the Word.

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Eurythmy on the Stage – excerpt from Eurythmy DVD

“Eurythmy: Making Movement Human,” is the DVD from which this is excerpted. To purchase the complete DVD, visit Eurythmy is a new art form developed by Rudolf Steiner. This excerpt showcases the Goetheanum Eurythmy Group as they perform Sofia Gubaidulina’s “Seven Words.” Sam Russell’s camera work and creative editing Continue reading

Seeking therapeutic eurythmist in Beaver Run, Camphill Special School.

We would like to invite a eurythmy colleague to join Carsten Callesen, Ute Heuser and Gillian Schoemaker here in Beaver Run, Camphill Special School.
The eurythmy work involves therapeutic eurythmy sessions, teaching a few classes, perhaps also in our training course for curative education.
There is also a possibility of Continue reading